11 apps I actually use

I have had my smartphone for about 3 months now. In that time I downloaded a lot of apps and deleted most of them again. Some I even downloaded twice and some of those I deleted a second time. Also everyone has to publish a list of their favorite apps sooner or later. So here’s a short list of apps I won’t be deleting anytime soon:

11 Favorite Apps:

  1. Barcode Scanner: scans 2D barcodes also called QR-Codes that encode links to quickly open them on the phone.
  2. Birthday: a widget that displays your contacts’ birthdays on the homescreen – very useful. It also creates reminders on the day, so if your phone isn’t just lying in the corner without power you cannot miss any birthdays anymore!
  3. Tower Raiders Gold 1+2: my one and only favorite android game (there are free versions for trying it first)
  4. DroidWeight (+ RpgTracker) I only write apps that I want to use myself
  5. Imdb App: great info on movies, in the UK we even tested checking showtimes. What I am missing with this one is the ability to rate movies.
  6. KVV: paying for bus tickets with the phone just rocks
  7. Öffi: looking up public transportation timetables and finding out which train to take  is even better
  8. Twitter: I use twitter and it was made for phones originally
  9. Wallet: storing important information for you … I’ve used it on my last trip to remember the pin for my credit card (I never needed it before)
  10. Skype: just tested and it works really well while near WiFi of course 🙂 Any other voip client should do as well. However sipgate currently has no numbers available.
  11. Advanced Task Killer: because sometimes I just want to kill everything with one click

There are a few more that I use regularly, but they either do not work so well or I am still looking for another app that does the same thing better. Here are the runners-up:

11 Miscellaneous Apps still on the phone:

  • K-9 Mail. I need a mail app, I am only still hoping to find a better one that is easier to configure. With K-9 you have to be really careful it does not cause a lot of traffic! I managed to keep it in check by now.
  • Adobe Reader. I rarely need PDFs on the phone so it is just on the phone as a precaution.
  • XBMC Remote. Not working very well so far. We’re still hoping that it will make the other list soon so that I can use the phone as remote control for our entertainment center.
  • App Installer: installs apps that are on the SD Card. I used this for debugging my app before I found out how to connect my phone with eclipse. (There’s a bunch of different apps that does this, I randomly picked one that seemed ok)
  • Leo: only links to the web. A bookmark would be nearly as efficient.
  • Google Sky Map: looking at the stars with this app is a lot of fun, but I only do it on vacation. So it stays but it is rarely used.
  • Whisky Tasting: I paid for it to check it out. Well I am not impressed with it. But I paid for it. (I did not know I could return it in the first 15 minutes after purchase, I might just have done that.) I’ll code a better one myself one of these days.
  • Sudoku: no device without sudoku. That’s a rule. I randomly picked one of the myriad of sudoku apps.
  • Angry Birds: everybody has Angry Birds installed right? I suck at it but still I might end up having time to kill and be sick of Tower Raiders and Sudokus and have no book with me and … everybody has it. So I have it, too!
  • Elixir: provides a lot of widgets to improve the homescreen with some shortcuts. Only it is not very easy to handle and not all the buttons do what you would expect. I might just code those I need myself one day.
  • OpenGPSTracker: I do not have a dedicated GPS device so this comes in handy every once in a while – for example we used it during our skiing holidays.

PS: I linked to appbrain because they provide the QR-Codes, so once you installed the barcode scanner you can quickly go to each app with that 😉

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