The cloud and us

Within the last week both my husband’s and my sisters’s computers had hard drive failures. My husband is running a raid system and my sisters’s data is in the process of being recovered. Neither of them is suffering data loss – they were lucky. Do you trust your luck?

I am going on a short trip next week. It is hard enough to choose what to pack for clothing. Working for myself I cannot afford to not at least take the work along. I don’t want to worry if my laptop has all my latest work accessible.

Two topics one solution:

The cloud –  just a buzzword?

Everybody has been talking about “the cloud” for the last couple of years. Companies have started huge and costly projects to get in on the buzz and there are cloud solutions for everything you can think of and then a few more. But are you using the cloud? Are you taking advantage of the new services offered or have you simply decided it’s a buzzword for big corporations and has nothing to do with you? Most people I know are still on the buzzword side of things. So what does the cloud have to offer us?

Safer Data and mobility

I am now working on my home computer, so having my data safe is imperative. My goal is to be mobile and work from anywhere. To achieve both of these ends I have turned to various cloud services and spent some time setting up everything so that I can easily move from one computer to another.  If you’re interested in easier access, more mobility and safer storage for your data, this is for you.

What about privacy?

There is one caveat to this brave new world in the cloud. If you think that storing data in the cloud will help either google or facebook achieve total world domination (this is probably true) then this post might not be for you. Privacy and trust are my two biggest issues with the cloud.  In some cases there are easy alternatives available that will address this concern adequately in other cases you will have to evaluate if the possible loss of privacy is worth whatever the service offers.

Cloudy topics

I will be covering the different services and topics in a series of short posts that explain what I am using to store and sync data across different platforms.

  • contact data
  • email
  • calendar
  • bookmarks
  • images
  • documents & notes
  • code
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