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Version 3.0 of the tracker has just been published on the market.

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What is it? I needed a hit point tracker for our pen & paper night. While there are a few die rolling apps for rpg players out there so far I have not found one that keeps my hit points remembered from week to week. So every week I scramble to find the little note I was using to scribble on the last time or I wonder which of the versions on my ruined character sheet is current. I am hoping to save some paper and maybe produce a tool that other gamers might find helpful.

I get most of my inspiration from the game we play regularly (DSA, Das Schwarze Auge also known as “The Black Eye” the game on which the Drakensang computer games are based). However I am trying to make this as general as possible.


Download it at the Android App MarketRpgTracker QR Code

  • tracking of values for multiple characters
  • tracking of an arbitrary number of values for each character
  • custom definition of regeneration formula for each value
  • different types of values to track
  • linking values and making recursive changes
  • currency display, die rolls, skill checks
  • character templates

Regeneration Formula Howto

Please see RpgTracker documentation page.

Just released: 2.0

  • basic sorting via context menu, you should now be able to achieve the order of values you want, just hold your finger on a value for a while until the context menu appears
  • positive values: values that cannot become negative, note: maximum values can be overridden, this cannot, can be used for negative regeneration for example tracking of wounds.
  • context menu option to regenerate all standard values at once
  • new value type: ‘no maximum value’, you could use this for tracking experience points for example
  • new value type: a basic currency display, using a single value and a ‘currency factor’, 10 is default for the factor
  • new value type: ‘Just roll’, for skill checks or die rolls, can store modifiers for example from links
  • bugfix: regeneration formula: negative values are now recognized correctly (oops)
  • new feature: templates, copying values from another character when creating a new character
  • new feature: linking values, change one value and another changes by the modificator you entered! Modifiers are propagated up to a maximum depth of 5. Cycles cannot be created πŸ˜‰

In Development

I also have a bunch of more advanced features lined up. If you like one of the planned features or have ideas for other improvements, please leave me a comment below! The next release is planned for April 2013.

  • improving formulas with modifiers for checks W20(15+x) for example
  • improving links with lists conditions for example with flat values or percent values (should enable tracking of modifiers for saves for D&D (requested feature) or AT-modifiers from half hitpoints (DSA)
  • favorite skill checks: needs improved formulas
  • improved editing of values with an “on screen keyboard with a bunch of +/- 5/10/20/100 buttons
  • added configuration of sizes of the +/- buttons
  • optional online connectivity to the new rpg web application I am releasing

I am also planning on releasing a paid version of this app, hoping that some of you find it useful enough to spend a couple of dollars on this little tool. I also plan on adding a couple of nice features to that version, mostly to help out GMs and DMs:

  • communication via bluetooth with the game master
  • quick overview of all characters

53 Responses to RPG Tracker

  1. Skunk says:

    Nice app, quite handy.

    • Sonja says:

      Thanks for the feedback. Right now it’s still pretty basic. I hope I’ll manage to add a few of the planned features soon.

  2. Nightmage says:

    Very nice. Simple useable. It would’ve ne nice to be able to change the basic figures without deleting it completely.

    • Sonja says:

      What do you mean with “changing the basic figures” ? For tracked values have you tried to click on the value or long-click for the context menu? I have not implemented changing the character name – I could if that is a useful feature?

  3. Jones says:

    @”improved input of regeneration formula (any ideas?)”: Yepp, but allowing input the way you are, there are more complex formulas possible than with a graphic interface.

    But a possible interface could look like an input plane with two fields.

    1a. A click on the first field opens a calender like layout with the possible supported dice sizes (D1, D2, D6, …) and skill.
    1b. If clicked on skill you’ll have to enter a number.
    2. A click on the second field allows input of a number. This is the amount of dices of this type to be rolled for regeneration.
    3. There should be a “+” button to allow more than one type of dice/skill.

  4. Jones says:

    Feature request: Maybe allow the use of the rest “function” for all values by long clicking on the free space bellow.

    • Sonja says:

      really great idea, now I need to find out how to implement something like that. would a menu item be ok for this function?

  5. Jones says:

    I think yes, it took me quite some time to figure out how the rest works for one value πŸ™‚ i tried menu first. but then I’m new to android and smartphones.

  6. Alain says:

    Thank you for this software.
    I want to make any suggestions to improve the software. Allowing the command “Rest formula” begins with an =, + or -. Or better yet allow distinguished formula 3 instead of one to fill almost all possible situations.
    Thank you in advance for taking my suggestions into consideration.

    • Sonja says:

      Hey Alain, thanks for your feedback and your suggestion. I am not entirely sure I got your idea right. Would you care to give me an example of what you mean? Ciao Sonja

  7. John says:

    I love the functionality, especially the planned gm communication. However my rest formulae resets every time I view the property to edit it and I can’t tell how to trigger a rest period.

    • Sonja says:

      Hi John

      thanks for your feedback. I am always happy to hear from people who use the tools I program. You should be able to trigger a rest period for a value by long-clicking on the list item in question. A context menu should pop up and give you two choices: “Perform rest” and “delete”.

      To help you with the other problem I need to know the rest formula you are trying to use and the one that it resets to, then I could try to reproduce the behaviour with my own device and see if I can find the bug.


  8. Gavyn says:

    Great app with a lot of potential!

    I think what Nightmage means is that it would be nice to change the position of the values in the list to be in the order of our choice. For example, if I create a value for my gold pieces and another for my silver pieces and then find platinum pieces later, I would like to be able to put the new value (platinum) on top of the list since they are worth more and would make things more organized. Right now, doing that requires to delete/change everything above.

    • Sonja says:

      Hey Gavyn,

      thanks for clarifying that for me. I never had that idea because I was planning on doing a special kind of tracking for money values πŸ˜‰ I am only using the app to track my hitpoints, magical energy and wounds. But changing the order is really a good idea, now I get it!


  9. fridgewind says:

    I’m looking forward for some attributes/abilities/etc separation and maybe a dice roller based on the added stats. πŸ™‚

  10. Pandrox says:

    I like this app a lot, good work. I also cant waut for your other app, but if you are going to make bunch of trackers, you should find a way to compile them in to a single app.

  11. cleverkobold says:

    As a dm of 2nd edition ad&d, I use this to keep track of monster staatistics. This tool is very helpful however I would like to see something that tracks weapon damage and possibly thac0.

    • Sonja says:

      Hi there,

      thanks for the feedback! What would be needed for tracking weapon damage and whatever the other stat is? I don’t know ad&d rules. If you could explain, I’ll put it on the list of things to implement once I get back to the app.


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  13. The Syko says:

    Love the app.. request multiple things however…
    Backpack and stats input for items.
    Bio input.
    A picture you can use for char. (Which ownerof app can either take a picture of a drawn picture, or copy pste from internet)
    In-app dice, saves time to swap to a diff app or whatever
    Next one is the most difficult… set up a wifi private lobby, text based rp lobbies. Each one is password protected, upon entering the lobby you can either choose a current char or a new one . if it is a new one, the GM.. or host of lobby, upon creating the lobby he may of made a few stats, health str def, etc, and given you multiple ‘points to asign to each stat. Each char in tghhe lobby can choose another persons account and see their stats, Bio, picture, compared to their own, and the GM may have a special help task board with commands such as give player item, or change player state to… etc etc

  14. CrimsonWraith says:

    What about allowing the rest function from one stat to affect another? Specifically, I have an ammo stat that I would like to affect a clips stat on rest(reload)

    • Sonja says:

      This sounds like an interesting idea. I’ll keep it in mind for the next release (which is not yet planned I am sorry to say, as the reality of working as a freelancer has caught up with me and I am quite busy with work these days). Thanks for your feedback!

  15. le_renard says:

    Hi… This is a great little app ! thanks a lot !
    As a GM ( in WFRP ), I need to create a lot of npcs and I found a bit tedious to re-create the labels etc, for each character… Am I missing something ?
    It would be great to have the possibility to “create a category” just like you create a character…
    Then, you could pick up the characteristics/categories you want to track when creating a new character…

    • Sonja says:

      Thanks for your feedback! I am sorry to say however you’re not missing anything. Originally this is used in our group by the players to track their characters, since there are so few it was never a problem up to now.

      Interesting idea however. Once I get to the next release I’ll be going through the comments here to pick up new features, that is sure!

  16. wheat says:

    Im still trying to find an app that tracks ammo effectivly while allowing base mechanics of dark heresy to work.
    * there seems to be no good ammo app and i dont think it should be that hard to create.
    so a nine shot mag would have a stat like 9 (27) for 3 extra clips then you could set fire rate for burst or full auto( or just leave it at one and press it a few times) you already have re;oad(rest) making that into a visable button would be nice for some systems
    * could you make it so you flick from side to side to get to the next character or would that be to many screens(or there could be some space at the top for quick swap buttons.

    if this was combined with a similar sytem to dice bag it would suit dark heresy and anything esle pretty much ( though a d5 dirived from a d10 is needed for fury need natural ten.

    what i am saying is make an app for dark heresy and if it is good i and hundreds or thousands of peope will probly pay 5 to 15 dollars for it

  17. wheat says:

    sorry that last bit sounded rude. forgot to say it is the best value tracker i have found so far
    so cheers

    • Sonja says:

      Don’t worry, I appreciate your feedback. I hope to be able to go back to programming on the tracker soon. Currently I am involved with non-android projects too much. I think it is very interesting what people use this tracker for. I never thought of all these use-cases. I’ll try to get as much in as I can.

  18. Makyr says:

    Nice App! Thnx for your work. In the future it would be nice to link more Values (with a formula like in xcel) so i can customize it for my own gaming-rules.

    • Sonja says:

      Thanks nice to hear someone is making use of the app πŸ™‚ What do you mean “link more Values” ? If you could elaborate a bit …

  19. blurryhash says:

    Is it possible to make the apk install file accessible via download link? The Android Market is not an option for me because I do not want to connect my mobile to an gmail account. Thanks!

    • Sonja says:

      I am sorry but I am not currently planning to offer a download version. Have you tried the literally dozens of pages who rip-off applications from the market? Just try a search for RpgTracker.apk if the package is something with de.delusions… that is it.

  20. john says:

    Adding a number pad pullup for long clicks on the +/- buttons for quick adding/subtracting larger numbers than just 1 at a time would be appreciated

  21. bill says:

    Is it possible to find a download that does not need access to the market? I’m one of the unlucky android users that bought a device that does not have access. I can get on Amazon market, but that doesn’t have any trackers.

  22. Gilbert says:

    Good app to hold spendable stats is. My only suggestions: the plus/minus buttons are so small I often hit the space around them which brings up the configuration and I have to back out (either bigger buttons or a smaller area to select for the config screen?); and the formulas would be more useful if listed in the app its self. Otherwise: A+ in my book.

    • Sonja says:

      Thx, I’ll try to incorporate the formula with the next release (however sorry to say that I have no idea when I’ll get to that)

  23. Scott Little says:

    Myself and some friends have utilized this app for old World of Darkness LARP characters, using it to track traits, blood, willpower and other “resources”. We would like to see on/off option to turn a character power on and off, and have that affect other counts. We do it now by using some of the formulas, but it’s a little stiff to say the least in the current implementation.

    Also (and I might just be missing something), but could their be a refresh option to reset something to a static value?

    • Sonja says:

      Hi Scott,

      thanks for the feedback. Those are good ideas. I am currently working on another project. I hope to be coming back to the app after that. I especially like your idea with the refresh button. I could use that myself … now that I think of it πŸ™‚


  24. Zolek says:

    Couple simple changes would make this a lot better:

    1. Make the +/- and Roll buttons bigger, maybe +5/-5 buttons too
    2. make it so missing them doesn’t bring up config (restrict it to left side only)
    3. Display result of dX dice rolls using formulas so you can tell if you rolled a 20 easier (or ability to set it to change colors on certain roll results)
    4. Controllable font size/colors/backgrounds
    5. Reorder list. Command is there but doesn’t do anything

    • Sonja says:

      I have a few changes that I’ve been meaning to push to the market for some time know … I just haven’t found the time. I am working on another gaming project currently. After that I want to go back and add some polish to this one. Thanks for the suggestions. I cannot promise to include all of them, I will try to include as much of the feedback I am getting as possible.

  25. Martin says:

    I think this is a great app, but I cannot use it for shadowrun which relies on Dice Pools of d6. Every roll of 5 is a hit, every 1 is a glitch and 6 is a hit plus extra roll.

    Plus rolls tend to be (Stat)D6 + (Skill)D6. If modifiers could multiply amount of die rolls or links could be die rolls it would help.
    every roll would be shown like so: 4d6 = 1,2,5,4
    That would be great. Ascending order also helps to point out glitches and hits, making checks unneccesary.

    I realize this might be beyond your scope, just suggestions

    • Sonja says:

      Thanks for the compliment. I know Vampire/Exalted which also work with dice pools. Currently I don’t play any dice pool games. However I plan on getting back to that application once I finish up another project and I will try to work in as many of the suggested features as I can. Thanks also for the detailed idea on how to display this feature. That makes it much easier once I get to implementing πŸ™‚

  26. Kuro says:

    Very nice tool/assistant. Recently started tabletop rpg’s and found this app extremely usefull. However, the move value up and down function does not work on my phone (Huawei m680)…other than that its perfect! Cant wait for paid version!!

  27. Brian says:

    It would be good if you could save the values also considering people could use the same values multiple times like in an encounter involving many of the same enemy

    • Sonja says:

      Thanks for this idea. I am working on an update right now. Before publishing I will go through the comments for more ideas.

  28. Garret says:

    Love this app! I’m actually using it as a (nearly) complete character sheet. I can link all of my attack/damage/skill check/saving/initiative rolls to my character’s stats, so when the stats change, all of my rolls are automatically updated. So I just pick the roll that fits my character’s situation, and the app does the rest.
    The only thing needed to make it perfect is the ability to use fractions and, less importantly, negatives for modifiers on links. For example, to perform a swim check, I need to add -1 for every 5 pounds of gear. If I could make a link between gear weight and my swim check with a modifier of -0.2, and had the option to round the value either up or down, this would do exactly what I need. As well, I was hoping that a maximum value would limit a value, but you can increase values beyond the maximum. If values stopped increasing at the maximum, I could implement modifier bonus limits.
    As others have noted, the ability to move values up and down the list does not work on at least some devices. This would make the app more useable, especially when adding new values after creating the list.
    However, as it is, the app is incredibly useful, and will save quite a few trees worth of paper, a ton of erasers, and most importantly, saves me from having to look up modifiers and stats again and again. It’s the only app of it’s type that I’ve found useful, and I would definitely buy the paid version, especially if it included the features I listed. Thanks so much for this app!

    • Sonja says:

      I never thought of using fractions in formulas but of course the idea is good. And negative numbers do not work? It’s been a while since I programmed that. They should work. I’ll check that as well.

      • Garret says:

        Not sure if it’s just my device, but it will not allow me to enter negatives for link modifiers. Using a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Android 4.1.

  29. Ron says:

    Thank you for this useful app! I would be glad to buy a paid version if it would ensure continued development.

    A few feature suggestions:

    Add a “Base” field to each value and a button next to the +/- to reset the value to the base. For example, a character’s base Hit Points could be entered as 84. During gameplay they take damage which is tracked normally, but when they are at 10 HP a Heal spell removes all damage. The reset button would change the HP back to 84 instantly. That way the user doesn’t need to hit the + button 74 times or edit the current value and possibly enter the wrong amount.
    A simpler way to do this would be a rest formula option to reset the value to a static number. For example, enter “=84” to have the value reset to 84 upon rest.

    Link formulas. For instance, Pathfinder and D&D3 characters have “Stat modifiers” based on Strength, Dexterity, etc. These modifiers are half the stat, minus 5; e.g. Strength 10 or 11 means the Strength Modifier is 0, 16 or 17 means 3, and 8 or 9 means -1. I would like to be able to create a value for each stat modifier and link it to the stat it is based on, and instead of a simple modifier, enter a formula like X/2-5, where X is the linked value. This would of course have to be a one-way link. In D&D4, many values are modified by half the character level, so a “level modifier” value could be created, and linked to a Level value with a formula X/2.

    I have many more ideas but not enough time to explain them fully right now. Quickly:
    * add +5/-5 buttons along with +/- (maybe let the user configure what number to use for these extra buttons)
    * “Modes” that apply specific modifiers to multiple values. e.g. let the user configure a “barbarian rage” mode that, when turned on, adds 4 to strength and constitution, subtracts 2 from armor, and adds 2 to will saves. Turning the mode back off would reverse these changes.
    *Let the user define a variable name (maybe just a single letter) for a value, and use the variable in functions for other values. e.g. I create a “dexterity modifier” value and enter D as its variable name, likewise B for a “base attack bonus” value. Then I could define a “ranged attack” roll as “D20+B+D” and a “reflex save” roll as “D20+D+3″ or whatever.
    *”countdown” values to track effect that last a specific number of rounds. Choosing “Countdown” from the context menu would subtract 1 from all countdown values.

    Thanks again for this app! Even if you don’t have time to add any of these ideas, it is still quite useful!

    • Sonja says:

      I am still working on the next release of this app. I’ll try to incorporate some of these ideas. Mostly many people have demanded improved +/- buttons.

      You should be able to link one value to multiple others. But I don’t think that so far I have supported enough features for the stat modifiers unless you create a separate value called “modifier” that could then be linked to multiple other values.

  30. Ron says:

    Oops, I misunderstood how links work; somehow I thought they meant “Changes to the linked value affect this value” but I see now it is the opposite, so some of my examples don’t make sense. Hopefully they will be clearer now that you know to reverse what I originally said.

  31. Ron says:

    After working with this app a bit more I’ve found that the “modes” idea can be done with a single positive-only value with a maximum of one. Name it “Rage on/off” or whatever, and make links to every other value that is affected by Rage. For example if Rage makes your Strength goes up 4, link Rage to Strength with a modifier of 4. BTW, at first I was having trouble with negative link modifiers; the field didn’t seem to accept a minus sign when I tried to type it. However I tried again today and it worked on both my tablet and phone (both running 4.1)

    I guess I wasn’t clear on this in my first post, but I was already talking about making the stat modifiers into their own values and having them in turn affect other values. What I was hoping for was a way to link the stat itself to the stat modifier value, so would not have to change both by hand, however I can understand that it’s a big change to allow formulas in link modifiers instead of simple integers. I can get around this in some cases with linking, e.g. Rage is linked to my strength modifier value as well as to the strength stat value, but that’s only accurate when the stat changes by an even number. If it’s odd, the modifier will change by different amounts, e.g if strength is 14, raising it to17 only changes its modifier from 2 to 3, but raising strength from 15 to 18 changes the modifier from 2 to 4.

    However the things I want most are:
    * The ability to make a rest formula reset a value to a fixed number instead of adding or subtracting from the current value.
    * An additional pair of buttons on each value to add/subtract more than 1. It would be great if that alternate number was customizable per value but a global setting would still be useful.
    * Moving values up and down in the list doesn’t work on either my phone or tablet; the commands appear in the context menu but do nothing.

    All the other stuff I mentioned was just ideas. I’d still pay for the app even if those weren’t implemented.